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HZM is your Gateway to PM Training and Project Management.

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1As a leader in project management consulting, HZM Consulting is the boutique provider clients seek when they need to instill agility and efficiency to maximize project and portfolio performance.


2HZM Consulting’s core fundamental value lies in the belief that project success is not determined by on-time, on-budget delivery, but that project success is determined by the incremental value-added from vision, to design to completion guided by knowledgeable insights.

Monitor & Control

3Our project management teams will give you the confidence to undertake the most complex of projects.  We work with you to design and deliver the optimal strategy to enhance your business’ objectives.  We manage and effectively communicate with our clients on a daily basis to ensure everyday responsibilities are met to your unique project specifications.


4HZM 's project team is what makes the difference, the organization takes their time to review and deliver project management engagements based on the latest knoweldge and modern technologies in project Management. HZM 's team is there for you to meet the bottomline.


5HZM’s comprehensive in-house program will not only fulfill your pre exam requirement to complete a PMP® crash course, with our comprehensive real life examples and our interactive work simulations you will gain the necessary insight, knowledge and confidence necessary to successfully pass PMI’s certification exam.